Hi, Iā€™m Ian Barnard, a hand lettering artist and calligrapher. I have a passion for inspiring, entertaining and helping people to get better at their lettering skills through videos on my Instagram and Youtube channels and also creating and selling digital lettering brushes for the iPad.

I also am co-host of a popular creative podcast called The Honest Designers Show, where we give you a transparent look into life as a modern designer. You can find us on most podcasting platforms or check out our website honestdesigners.com

I live in a small town just outside London, England with my wife and 2 kids. Attend and help out at my local church and try to balance my love of food by running and riding my mountain bike.


Digital Brushes
Lettering resources for the iPad: www.ianbarnard.co

Indoor/outdoor custom mural designs and installation

Live Calligraphy
In person script calligraphy for corporate and private events

Presentation of my story from a Dummies Guide to full time lettering artist. 

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Phone me: +447779 272 144

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