How to draw Serif Numerals - Free worksheets

Got the hang of drawing the upper and lowercase serif alphabet? Then try the slightly harder numerals. The worksheets have broken each number down into small steps to get your numerals looking fancy in no time at all! 

Learn Cursive Script Worksheets

Cursive Script is at the foundation of script lettering and is something that not all of us had the chance to really learn to any degree of skill while we were at school. I've put together a free video and worksheet to help anyone at any level to acquire this skill, but remember that practice makes perfect (or close enough to).

The video can be found on my Youtube channel:

Above all enjoy learning to create something away from the computer and that can serve so many purposes from just making your hand writing look nicer to adding an extra skill set to your design services. 

Hand Lettering Worksheets - Serif Lowercase

After a great response to my uppercase serif worksheets I've put together the lowercase set. This is slightly harder, with more steps on some of the letters, especially the 'g'. But spend some time each day and you're instantly see an improvement in how you draw your letters. If you use Instagram then take a photo and hashtag #LoveSerifs and I'll give you feedback and encouragement. Enjoy!


Want to improve your hand lettering? Download and print off this free practice sheet which will help you to construct your letters by breaking down into simple components. I recommend using a fine sharpie marker and either tracing over them using a layout pad or using a heavy weight printer paper (sharpies go right through thin paper!)